Jun 21, 2007

what kind of granola do you like?

You may already toss this into your brown bag, or in the very least you have tried granola with yogurt. Ideally, this little note is a friendly reminder of a winning combination that had otherwise slipped your mind.

There are so many granola varieties out there, whether your own recipe, in a box, from the bulk section, organic or not. You can keep it simple or find one chocked full of nuts and dried fruits.

Granola flavors are abundant, and it can be a fun exercise to offer your child [or self!] a taste test.
Granola can often be found in bulk: scoop a cup of 4-5 different flavors of granola and bring them home. Set up small bowls with some of each, label them with numbers and have your kids be the judge!

They can place them in order of like to dislike (1-5, 1 being their favorite) or just rate them (from 1-5 smiley faces: the more the better!).
With this fun experiment, there is a good chance your child will have more of a vested interest---a bit of pride even---in eating their selected granola. Put a package of granola in their lunch box with any variety of yogurt. They can scoop the granola right onto the yogurt. Just for fun, if you read this and try some granolas, tell us your favorite (in the comments below)!

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Erika said...

Our favorite granola is Kathleen Dahlmans recipe for granola. It's extremely simple and you can vary it anyway you want. I'll be talking about the recipe later this week as granola is a staple for us when we go camping. :-)

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