Jun 22, 2007

because basil is better.

My very wise son appreciates basil. On sandwiches, he asks for basil instead of lettuce. Hey, let's be frank: I am just tickled he wants greens with his sandwich.

A good friend of mine, a few years ago, was piling basil on a sandwich. My eyes grew large, and of course I was riveted and even mildly giddy at the sight. Happily the bystander, I now had a new way to experience sandwiches: a flavor that had been sorely missing from my sandwiches, a flavor profile that makes so much sense, and is so delightfully consumed, I cannot imagine how I came to be so far along in my life without basil on my sandwiches (big apologies for the run-on, but it was in all one breath).

So my son now gets to enjoy it at a younger age: basil on his sandwiches. His sandwiches may very well consist of turkey, maybe a bit of mayo and olive oil, a slice of white cheese---white cheddar perhaps---and a pile of stately basil. In this particular picture, the sandwich has the special presence of being compiled on an Italian roll. The roll smelled so good, it is surprising I had time to build the sandwich before it was gobbled up.

Try this: instead of other salad greens on your sandwich, use basil. You will have a sense of... being good to yourself. No boredom here, just a measure of self-care.


Terry B said...

When we have basil going in the backyard, I love adding a few big leaves to a turkey or chicken sandwich. I'll also chop up a little and mix it with tuna salad to freshen up an otherwise ho-hum sandwich.

Another herb delicious on sandwiches is arugula or rocket. Give that a try!

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I have pots of basil~ I eat in on/in everything! Fresh never dried!

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