May 3, 2007

product review: crispy cat bars

Crispy Cat. Love the name. Love it. From Tree Huggin' Treats.

A product review. My boys are growing rapidly, are in sports and it appears they have started down the path of being 'always hungry.' They use their energy faster than they can consume it.

So I have wisened up to their constant requests for food and beverages and added a snack box and drink boxes to our Eurovan. Yes, as you can well imagine I have to vacuum it out once a week. That being said, they take care not to over-crumble my humble vehicle and all the while getting the jolts of energy they need via protein, carbs and fruits.

So when they piled into the taxi---er, van---the other day after school, I handed them a Crispy Cat bar (I love saying it: crispy cat, crispy cat). I like giving them new foods to eat while they are hungry. It seems [my] kids are more willing to try new foods and eat their vegetables if they eat them when they are hungry.

We had three of the 'world's first organic, vegan candy bars' to try**:

Mint Coconut: smells of peppermint patty, taste reminiscent of mounds/almond joy, texture somewhere in between. This was my favorite of all three bars. My fifth grader adored it. Easily bagable.

Peanut Chocolate: upon opening the wrapper, one son said it reminded them of a Snickers, the other said it reminded them of peanut butter cups. Though, neither of them finished it and it stayed on my counter, opened until the next day. I thought it was pretty firm to the bite, not sure about the aftertaste, not dry but not moist either. I will buy it so we can try it once more. Possibly bagable.

Toasted Almond: good bar, I was happily surprised with the crispy rice and remain a fan of dark chocolate. I ate it before my boys had a chance to come home from school. I will have to buy them another one to try. Probably bagable.

Click here to find out how to buy these treats. This product was discovered by---and the review coordinated with---my friend Alisa over at GoDairyFree.

**Rated on a Bagable Scale: Not---Possibly---Probably---Easily---Absolutely


Kristen said...

I am always on the hunt for good for you portable snacks. Thanks for letting us know about these!

janelle said...

Kristen: they are worth trying! I prefer ones that are on store shelves, but order a few of these online for a fun treat on your doorstep... let me know what you think!

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