Apr 30, 2007

cringing and reviewing brown bagables.

Well, it appears my boys and I are in a prime position to taste some lunch-worthy products. Because we are making it our job and intent to supply you with an ongoing list of bagable foods, recipes and ideas: it makes sense that we will taste products to determine if they are bagable---or not. So going forward, expect us to occasionally give our opinions on foods/products and whether we think they 'make the bag.'

Disclaimer: I have no doubt my taste buds are different from yours are different from my children are different than your children. So take our reviews with a grain of salt; keep in mind you might like what we don't or dislike what we love! Hopefully, in the least, our product reviews will 1. increase your likelihood of trying new foods yourself, 2. make your kids curious to try new things, 3. increase your propensity for picking up new, intriguing products in your grocery aisles and 4. finding products that you and your children love (and might not have known about)!

Confession: I cringe a bit at the thought of reviews. On the one hand, I love trying new products and equally love that my children are willing to 'at least take a bite.' What makes me cringe is admitting to you that I don't like something. More pointedly, I don't want to hurt the feelings or reputation of the granola bar/fruit bite/bake-your-own/freeze dried vegetable/grandmother's cookies. Those people and companies have worked hard to build a company, promote their product and try to make bagable foods for you and I. So I feel bad when I don't 'just love it.' But I will be honest, and if I don't love it and my kiddos won't eat it then by all means you will know our precise experience of that product. So you can trust when I say: wow, that was good and I will buy it again. Or when I say: interesting, a bit bland and at least in my house not bagable.

If you really want to read a product review where I am squirming due to uncomfortable dislike of a product, one of my very first product reviews---one I would not put 'into the bag'---was for Trailblaze Oatmeal Energy Bars.

More reviews to come!


Kristen said...

I look forward to your honest recommendations :)

janelle said...

Thanks Kristen:)

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