May 7, 2007

black is the new brown.

Don't for a second think that there isn't a pile of black foods to go into your brown lunch. There are, and it is a fun challenge to try and find them! Beyond Halloween and someone's 40th birthday, black lunches need not be spooky nor tacky. And who wouldn't get a chuckle out of an all-black lunch?

We discovered, at Whole Foods, black radishes. It is true! And I have a recipe for black bean soup, if soup is your idea of chasing away the brown bag blues. And you can always count on black olives, black currant soda or juice, black beans on a quesadilla, and grapes that are more black than purple. And I have seen black pasta noodles: toss some of those with olive oil and Hawaiian black salt and black sesame seeds. Raisins! Prunes! Blackberry jam and baby, roasted eggplant (with darkest purple basil leaves). Maybe the eggplant in a dip with blackish crackers or the darkest purple tortilla chips you can find. Kalamata or olive tapenade, fig spread...

...okay maybe there aren't THAT many black bagables, maybe you can help name some? Ideas? Recipes anyone?


Kristen said...

Do the black radishes taste like the red ones? Interesting! Who knew there were so many black options out there.

Erika said...

Black rice!

janelle said...

Kristen: yes, but not as sharp. In fact, it has been awhile since I tasted them. I need to try them again!

Erika: YES! I made a black/wild rice cold salad once with dried apricots and red onions... I wonder if I could dig and find the recipe?!

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