Oct 1, 2007

product review: sigg water bottles

A fellow blogger, Michelle, over at What's Cooking, has an impressive site full of information for dinners and snacks and above all: cooking with kids.

She asked me to review a SIGG bottle, the stylish new icon to the water bottle world. We bought one and I gave it to my kids, in passing, to see what feedback they would provide.

One of my sons didn't prefer the metal with water experience. My other son liked it, especially that it could be thrown on its side in the back of a goalie box, where he might steal a drink between saving goals (he is a keeper in soccer, and takes his role very seriously). The one thing my goalie son didn't prefer is that the top was a bit small to fit in normal sized ice cubes. Once the ice is in, though, it DOES keep the water colder for longer than other, non-thermos water bottles.

Mom's take? I like that it keeps the water cold, but prefer wares that can be popped into the dishwasher. Sigg bottles are hand wash only. I DO like the idea of reusable water bottles, instead of buying crate after crate of plastic bottles (though a hard habit to break, I am working on it!). Just reusing a water bottle feels environmentally responsible, if just in the tiniest way.

And did I mention cool? Put these bottles in your kids lunches, to keep them hydrated and hip at the same time.
You can pick out a SIGG bottle with a surfer guy, astronaut, hello kitty, numerous pets and bugs or designs, you name it. If you are going to carry around a water bottle, why not have it be a fashion statement? If you want to buy a SIGG bottle, go visit Michelle and check out her supply. (You can also find Sigg bottles at REI, Whole Foods, and online at MySigg).

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kristin said...

I LOVE my Sigg Bottle! It does keep water colder, especially when I use the insulative cuff (I'm talking 5 hours of cool water out walking in 100* temperatures!). I also love that my Sigg bottle keeps hot drinks hot. Not so kid friendly, but incredibly convenient for adults is the fact that a bottle of wine fits perfectly in the liter bottle. Imagine a cold white at the end of a long mountain hike! But perhaps the best thing about the bottle is that it can perform all of these functions without leaving a trace of flavor behind in the bottle. The metal ensures that you have a completely neutral bottle for every application. Incidentally, did you know that reused plastic bottles (the low grade disposable kind) can leach out dangerous chemicals into your water, juice, etc.? Even the higher grade plastics made for longer water storage can leach out chemicals if left around with liquid in them long enough! Yikes! For me, I'll use the Sigg every time!

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