Sep 30, 2007

and a little chocolate to finish the meal.

I get a hankering for chocolate after most meals.

It used to just be after dinner, but my daily temptation for a morsel of chocolate has started showing up for lunch as well. In fact, I have been known to tuck a single chocolate, truffle, chocolate covered mint or chocolate covered pretzels into my children's brown bags.

Well... chocolate is good for you... just in moderation and the darker it is the easier to justify its health benefits. Here are a number of links---no doubt there are many more---that give a nice overview of the health benefits of chocolate:

I think of the sweet little chocolate treat as a message to my kids: something sweet for my sweet(s), a tiny treasure with health benefits, and an example of moderation (one satisfying bite is enough, and treats are encouraged). It is good to practice enjoying one divine bite, when all you have is one instead of ten. Ideally, then, they learn to be satisfied and focused on a few bites rather than inhale a full plate only to realize they didn't notice the flavors or textures of any bite, let alone one really good one...


Bess said...

Chocolate is wonderful! The picture you posted has me drooling! :o) You don't happen to know how to make that piece of chocolate sitting on top of the book, do you???

janelle said...

Bess: I wish!!! It is store-bought, but I am going to post all about that EXACT chocolate in the next day or two:). Then I will see if I can link you up and you can order some (in case they aren't at a store near you). They are SO good!

janelle said...

Bess: The online site to order the chocolates is 'under construction' though it looks pretty far along... all that to say it will be a few more days until I post on the chocolate. Once people are salivating, I want them to be able to find/buy them!

Thanks for your patience!

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