Apr 25, 2007

subway my way

Sometimes we need food fast. When we are on the road, and/or in a rush we can usually locate a Subway. We occasionally stop to eat a sandwich and over the years, my boys' preferences have solidified: one always orders salami and shredded cheese, warmed with olive oil, salt and mustard. The other jumps in with the turkey/ham/bacon melt which means a warmed up meat sandwich with provolone, olives, olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper.

The other day I found a bag of mini-baguettes and decided to load up their lunches with their favorite subway sandwich made via yours truly. Does your child have a favorite sandwich? Consider buying a special roll or deli-bread, or use part of a baguette sliced lengthwise to create a fun twist on an old favorite. So when they open their brown bag lunch, they aren't met with the usual. In fact, far from being bored they are delighted to find such a treat made by you!


pamela said...

My kids love La Brea rolls. You can find them at Whole Foods or Costco. This is the only way I get them to eat sandwiches at school.

janelle said...


I love those rolls! Do you ever freeze some? How do you think they hold up?

sher said...

Please make one for me too!!! Yum! What a treat to see that in your lunch bag!

janelle said...

Sher: name your condiments! Sometimes I make 'self' a very special sandwich too!

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