Mar 26, 2007

white is the new brown.

These little yogurt pretzels show up only occasionally in my boys' lunches, and they love finding a bag of these pretzel treats.

Trying to put together a color-themed lunch can be challenging, but forces me to 'think outside the bag.' I rustle through cupboards and the fridge for whitish foods, and if I really have my 'thinking cap on' I will think 'white lunch' while walking through the grocery aisles.

Though this list is only a beginning, it may help you find your thinking cap:

White Bagables
* mini mozzarella balls
* string cheese
* vanilla yogurt
* cream cheese or white cheese such as swiss, Havarti, jack on plain bagels (try the mini bagels)
* white cheddar popcorn
* white cheese quesadilla on plain tortilla
* jicima sticks
* cauliflower w/ranch or zesty non-ranch
* cucumber moons (remove seeds and skin)
* cheese filled raviolis or pasta with oil and Parmesan
* hard boiled eggs
* crackers w/white cheeses or hummus
* rice crispy treats
* white rice with chicken
* white bean soup
* mushrooms w/ranch or zesty non-ranch
* tofu
* macadamia nuts
* white grape juice or milk
* white cheese sandwich with hummus, sprouts, butter
* baked potato slices

1 comment:

Erika said...

We've recently discovered Quakes rice cake snacks as an addition to Abigail's lunch. Her favorite- the Kettle Corn flavor would fit right in with a white lunch. A rice salad or rice pudding would be fun too!

Love the color themes. Keep them coming!

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