Mar 29, 2007

another day, a different angle.

Sometimes the best idea is just to look at things from a different angle. A bad situation, different options that life hands you, or in this humble bagable blog: a piece of fruit.

I don't mean you have to cut all their sandwiches into stars and hearts and cars, in fact I wouldn't recommend doing that except very occasionally. It isn't about catering to the little princes and princesses out there, but it is about adding interest and intrigue to their lunches. And maybe, help the brown bag maker stave off boredom.

Cutting pieces of fruit at different angles doesn't mean adding time to your efforts, but it may offer a moment of interest to your child's lunch hour. Cutting sandwiches they don't like into stars isn't going to make them like the sandwich. Take a pumpkin muffin for example. If they don't like it---the giant size muffin top or bag of miniature muffins won't make your kiddos crave pumpkin. But if they DO like pumpkin muffins, it will add a little fun---and a different angle---to their lunches.

So, take a new approach: instead of four big slices of apple, slice them as thin as possible. Instead of cauliflower florettes, take a whole cauliflower, cut off the base, set it upright and slice straight up and down in 1/4 inch slices like you would slice a loaf of bread. Add that with some dip in their lunch. (No, they won't magically love the flavor or cauliflower, but if they already like it, this can draw attention to the veggie they are eating).

My latest way to cut pears and apples is in thin, thin slices. I cut off the sides, place cut side down and slice as thin as possible. So, brown bag boredom be gone! Time for a new slice in life---or maybe just in a piece of fruit.


Erika said...

I just did this yesterday! I was cutting up cucumber slices for Abigail's lunch when I remembered that I have a crinkle cutter that I never use. I gave those slices some crinkly decoration, and she told me after school that she really liked the cucumbers that way.

I should try that cutter on apple slices or melon- that would be too fun!

janelle said...

erika: cool idea! I hadn't done that with 'cukes' before (that is what my niece calls them). Does Abigail dip them in anything?

Erika said...

Abigail is a ranch girl. Loves her veggies dipped in ranch dressing. She likes spinach dip too if the spinach is chopped pretty finely. I think the texture of spinach bothers her, so the long strings of spinach turn her off.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing this with my daughter for a while. I find that she will have renewed interest in a food if I change up the prep or the food i.e large apple pieces vs thin slices or thin carrot slices vs carrot sticks. I love the cauliflower slices idea.

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