Nov 2, 2007

slices of salami.

For the love of salami.

My 10 year old adores salami. He would happily eat the same sandwich every day: salami, mustard and [sometimes] cheese, preferably shredded.

Just to push the variety button, I sometimes just stick a pile of salami and maybe some tiny chunks of cheese in his lunch.

We have had salami slices in our lives for YEARS. Recently, we upped the caliber a notch and started supplementing our salami stash with Salumi Salami (cool photo here).

Salumi Salami is famous; it is made in Seattle (nice article here), by Mario Batali's father. You can stand in line for sandwiches at his shop, but get there early because the lines are long. We lucked out; our nearby grocer started stocking Salumi, so we only have to travel a few blocks and no lines out in the rain!

1 comment:

Darrin said...

Looks wonderful. Definitely on my list of places to visit when I someday make it to your fine State!

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