Oct 24, 2007

eggs: crack me up.


Yes, eggs. Put them in your kids' lunches! Hard boiled eggs are a great idea for a brown bag snack.

It might be wise to peel them in advance---though if the lunch break is long enough---leave the cracking up to the kids. It is a rewarding, fun event to peel an egg at noon.

I put in an egg or two, then slide a tiny container into their lunch with a mixture of salt and pepper for dipping.


Molly said...

If you crunch the outside of the egg without actually peeling it (so that the membrane is still intact but the hard exterior is in fragments- this can be done by rolling it around on a countertop or other hard surface), your egg won't dry out and it will be easier for little fingers to peel.

farmingfriends said...

This is an "eggcellent" thing to put in the lunch box. Sara from farmingfriends

janelle said...

Molly: Good idea!

FarmingFriends: heehee. We are always game for puns:).

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