Jul 31, 2007

product review: Pie Oh My's

They are good. In a pinch, if you don't have the time to make a pie, you can pop open a Pie Oh My.

Though nothing is as good as homemade, these pies---we tried both Apple and Wild Berry---were far closer to grandma's pie than those nasty, sugary, all processed no fruit and very scary pies we found in lunch boxes when we were kids.

Do you remember them? The lemon pie or berry pie and all that was inside was a scary, thick berry colored syrup mess (or yellow ooze?) with a sugar glazed crust that made your teeth hurt? I think those original, over-processed pies received some award for epitome of nothing redeeming, overly processed, bad-for-you food.

But not the Pie Oh My's. Perhaps there is hope? Where care is taken to provide snacks---sweets even---with good health and good taste in mind?

Pie Oh My's are Nature Path products; the individual pies are frozen, made with organic whole grain flour and are microwavable. The crust was a pie crust flavor, light but closer to chewy than flaky. The fruit is real.
I probably won't buy Pie Oh My's too often, because there are so many choices for food items and I like to keep it varied. But my eldest son will certainly smile when he finds these pies in his brown bag.

Pie Oh My Apple & Pie Oh My WildBerry**: Easily bagable.

This product was discovered by---and the review coordinated with---my friend Alisa from GoDairyFree.

*Rated on a Bagable Scale: Not---Possibly---Probably---Easily---Absolutely

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