Jul 4, 2007

kids like festive drinks too.

When I host a dinner party, I love making cocktails for my guests. But adults aren't my only guests; I like to serve special drinks to kids too! It makes them feel included and important. And I love sending them that message!

To celebrate the fourth of July, I decided to concoct festive beverages for both the adults and children. The adults will be served BLUE citrus drops, a twist on the famed lemon drop cocktail.

For the kids, an equally eye-appealing drink: Raspberry Italian Sodas.
I usually make my own simple syrup, but this time broke down and bought a bottle of raspberry simple syrup. With half and half or whip cream on top, and maybe some blueberries or a blue straw, you can deliver a flag in a glass! Who wouldn't feel patriotic drinking the American Flag on Independence Day?

Raspberry (or Strawberry) Italian Soda

Raspberry simple syrup
Club Soda

Half & Half

Optional: whip cream

Fill pint glass with ice. Pour syrup and fill glass 1/3 full. Pour remaining 2/3 with soda, leaving enough room for some cream. Top with half and half and/or whipping cream.


Jennifer said...

Italian sodas are the best! It's always nice to give the little guys something special...

Kristen said...

Yum! Even as an adult, I'd love these drinks.

Erika said...

We were with relatives over the 4th and the suggestion went out for a round of margaritas. All the kids gathered around the blender and were so disappointed that the drinks weren't available to them. I was pleased to see my relatives thought ahead and brought out the ingredients for non-alcoholic margaritas. The kids loved it!

I love Italian sodas, but I never remember to make them.

janelle said...

Jennifer: here is a funny thing, one of my son's fave flavors is MINT!?!!!

Kristen: yes, quite the treat. I think I would be tempted to pour in some vodka into mine:)

Erika: Brilliant! Isn't that the best? Hats off to the relatives!

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