Jun 1, 2007

bored brown baggers

I was writing an email to someone, telling them about this site: "...it is called brown bag blues... it is about what to put in your child's lunch to keep it interesting, varied, healthy and fun. No more bored brown baggers, no more brown bag blues or blahs..."

...because my brown bag for all the years I went to school looked the same day after day. And it was boring. So my own childhood case of brown bag blues catapulted me to this here blog, where I have carved out an agenda for my children: to entertain them, to entice them and to educate them via their brown bags.

For anyone else bored with eating or making brown bag lunches: you have come to the right place. This blog exists solely to help you chase away those brown bag blues!
This site was born out of my need to establish a long---ongoing---list of new, interesting, healthy and varied lunch possibilities for my children---and hopefully yours. No more brown bag blues or blahs; here is a site to pull together brown bag brilliance from both my bagging forays and my deliberate hunt for brown bagging ideas from all over the web. I will pursue--and share---mine and others' brown bag bests.

Please don't hesitate to email me your ideas, recipes, and resource tips (janelle AT talkoftomatoes DOT com). This is a unified effort, a centralized place to pile on brown bag ideas, to find great resources and to build a community of inspired, informed, curious and deliberate brown baggers.

At brown bag blues you will find 'bags full' of lunch making ideas---ways to keep your children coming back for more. The links on the right represent resources for food choices, lunch bag items you might want to try (bagable foods and bagable drinks), how to find farms and community agriculture near you (beyond bagging), easy access to the USDA food pyramid and a lineup of online food trends/ideas.

Also, my children and I will be trying out new foods and rating them. We will apply the Brown Bag Blues rating system, which is based on these questions: Is it bagable or not? How bagable? The scale is the answer: NOT (bagable)---MAYBE---POSSIBLY---PROBABLY---ABSOLUTELY (bagable)!

Thanks for visiting Brown Bag Blues!

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