May 21, 2007

simbree foods

I heart Simbree. This is a long overdue review of Simbree product(s). Simbree products include granola, bars and bites (1 inch cubes of goodness). Sally from Simbree has been so supportive and lovely about sending me simbree granola, bars and bites to try: I was even able to donate some bites in red tins to an auction!

I really love the bites. I carried them around in my car for weeks, so whenever hunger pangs came knocking I would have a thoughtful, healthful snack to answer. What I loved: it only took a few bites to satisfy my appetite. What I loved even more: they are good for me!

Simbree bites---and the bars---come in 3 flavors: Oat Almond Pistachio, Maple Walnut & Chewy Cashew Coconut. They are all delicious and satisfying; next time I promise to eat them all at once and rate each using my Bagable Scale** (Sorry, I hadn't developed my Bagable Scale---for reviewing products---when I first tried the Simbree products).

I used the Simbree Granola for making cookies, and added dried cranberries as a bonus! I made my favorite lunchbox cookies and used Simbree's Maple Walnut Granola instead of the cornflakes. Find recipe here. Granola flavors include Cherry Berry, Grain & Nut and Maple Walnut.

You will notice on the right of this blog I have links to bagable products and bagable drinks. I have tried these products and like them. If I didn't, they wouldn't be there.

You can find Simbree products at Whole Foods; you can also buy them online.

**Rated on a Bagable Scale (Is it brown bag-worthy or not?): Not---Possibly---Probably---Easily---Absolutely

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Anonymous said...

They are great! Simbree is healthy and delicious!

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