Mar 18, 2007

red is the new brown.

When you need an injection of brilliance for your otherwise boring bags: try a color themed lunch! This will spur the brain forward amidst your busyness. Even walk through the grocery aisles with 'red' on your brain; with your 'rose-colored glasses' you may be surprised at all the new foods, lunch ideas and variations you might find!

Keep your child's [food] curiosity alive while at the same time providing them with a healthful, practical lunch. My boys helped me start a list of possible red bagables to get you started:

* strawberry jam on wheat bread
* Tomato tortilla with cheese and salsa
* pepperoni sticks
* salami slices
* mini pizzas
* strawberry yogurt
* red apples
* cherries
* raspberries
* strawberries
* watermelon
* sliced red peppers
* cherry tomatoes
* radishes
* red fruit leather
* red vegetable chips
* small bites of roasted red new potatoes
* dried cranberries
* strawberry juice
* cranberry juice
* red grapes
* sun dried tomato dip (for veggies)
* red pesto mayonnaise (for sandwich)
* tomato bagel
* red pasta in olive oil with salt (with roasted red peppers?)
* red tortilla chips


crazedparent said...

i love these ideas! thank you!!ht

Erika said...

Okay, I need to find red pasta! That would be fun for a light summer lunch!

Meg said...

Excellent ideas... how about an rss feed for your site? Do you have one?


janelle said...

crazedparent: cool---you bet!

erika: pasta rocks!

meg: good point: you can click the ATOM button at the bottom of the home page, it allows for Google Reader. BUT I will look into a more diversified feed.

Donna said...

I'm in the running for the 'good mom' prize today. Before reading your blog on RED, I fixed a sandwich for lunch: whipped cream cheese spread topped with freshly sliced strawberries. M-m-m...but then I ate it myself, so I guess being noble wasn't in the cards today. Congrats on your new blog.
It's going to be VERY helpful.

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